Undergo a unique set of physiological tests to ensure accuracy in your training moving ahead and to give yourself a full understanding of your current ability.

Following the test you will receive a detailed report to highlight key areas to target and develop and be invited to talk through these in detail via a follow up face to face video call.

What to Expect:

  • Analysis of current training / riding regime
  • Detailed analysis of future events / challenges / rides
  • 4 point core / strength analysis
  • Critical Power, Threshold Step, VO2 Max, Recovery Rates and FTP on the bike test’s
  • Follow up report sent within 7 working days
  • Follow up video phone call within 10 days
  • Updated heart rate / power training zones
  • All testing is completed in person by Mint Cycling’s Tom Murray

From £140.00 please contact for individual quote.

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